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This Is Our Story

One summer evening in 2022, founders Chase Green and Alex Wyant were headed up the mountain for a night hike when they stumbled upon two injured hikers collapsed on one of the trails. Immediately, they called for help but could not receive it for over an hour. The two stayed with the hikers, while working with the local police department and EMTs to help get them to safety. When the off-road rescue vehicle could not make it to their whereabouts because of the terrain, the people on scene took the rescue into their own hands. In the end, Chase and Alex helped to carry down the two injured hikers in a stretcher and ensure their safety.
After that night, the two discussed what had happened and agreed that Mount Beacon needed people that could provide hiker safety and make overall hiking experiences more enjoyable. With that, Chase and Alex set the idea of hiking guides into motion, accumulating mountain knowledge as well as safety knowledge. Now, in 2023, one year later, the two have officially launched their business with the goal to provide a safe and informative hiking experience.


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